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Three facts about the mysterious Anunnaki

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3 facts about the mysterious Anunnaki

What do we know about the Anunnaki? Yes, almost nothing. In addition to what is written in ancient Sumerian texts. Yes, they give a lot of mysterious details. However, they usually do not answer any questions. And they create even more of them. In this article, we will look at three of the most mysterious facts about the mysterious Anunnaki.

anunnaki facts

Many archaeologists consider modern Iraq "the cradle of our civilization". Because life here was already in full swing between 3500 and 1900 BC. That is more than 55 centuries ago! The basins of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were home to the Sumerian civilization, which was very active in developing these places. They were very developed people for those times. These ancient people even had their own writing system.

And the ancient Sumerian sources that have survived to this day contain very interesting information. It claims that in the distant past, even before written history, our planet was visited by beings from another world. They were intelligent and possessed technologies superior even to our own today. These were the ancient Anunnaki.

Humanoids or not?

These creatures are always described as humanoid. Although numerous traits indicate clear differences between Anunnaki and ordinary people. Interestingly, most of the face of the ancient Anunnaki gods in the images is always well-hidden thanks to large beards and headdresses. Why is this done? Question of questions. And although in general, their faces have a clear resemblance to human ones, there are many aspects that have led some researchers to suggest that this is done for a reason.

Is it possible that the ancient Anunnaki had features that were deliberately hidden by the ancient Sumerians? Although this remains unclear today, there are a few nuances that are worth analyzing.

anunnaki facts

In 1976, the writer Zachariah Sitchin published his personal translations of Sumerian texts in a series of books called The Earth Chronicles. According to Sitchin, the clay tablets describe an alien race known as the Anunnaki. Representatives of this civilization allegedly flew to Earth to extract gold. Sitchin argued, using the texts he translated, that extraterrestrials had visited Earth in the past. For what purpose?

It's simple - their home-planet needed gold to survive. Lots of gold. And there was a lot of it within walking distance only on the Ground. Why did they need gold? Their planet, Nibiru, was dying. And they wanted to make her a golden shield from the sun.

Information about these creatures is extremely limited. And most of the stories associated with their existence are full of contradictions. However, from a historical point of view, there are many details that tell us a lot about the mysterious Anunnaki.

Snakes and DNA

In ancient Babylon, the term "SIR" was used to describe the Anunnaki. Which means "dragon" or "big snake". The ancient god Enki was believed to belong to the so-called Brotherhood of the Serpent. The symbol associated with Enki was two coiled serpents. This symbol is also related to our current medical symbol. However, it might actually have a secret meaning - the reptilian nature of the Anunnaki!

Reptiles in crowns? And in the middle is a DNA molecule?  A copy of a fragment of a drawing of an ancient Sumerian vase.

Reptiles in crowns? And in the middle is a DNA molecule?  A copy of a fragment of a drawing of an ancient Sumerian vase.

In fact, perhaps the two snakes symbolized the DNA molecule. And also that the reptilian genetic code is somehow linked to human DNA. And, much later, this symbol meant spiritual knowledge. In ancient times, in different cultures, the "coiled snake" symbolized spiritual wisdom.

Sitchin claimed in his books that the Anunnaki conducted some kind of genetic experiments on ancient people. Perhaps-using your own genetic material. And as a result of these experiments, the first people appeared.

Mysterious Bag

Look - the creature on the left has some kind of bag! Or even a bucket!

Look - the creature on the left has some kind of bag! Or even a bucket!

There is another one among the specific features of the ancient Anunnaki. This is a kind of mysterious "bag" with which the ancient Anunnaki are depicted. And, without a doubt, this object is one of the most mysterious among the surrounding mysterious creatures.

According to Sitchin and other researchers, the mysterious "bag" is a kind of box in which the ancient Anunnaki kept the so-called "living water". That is, it is something like a mobile gene bank used in genetic experiments not only on humans but also on animals of our planet.

The Anunnaki wore strange bracelets

Another item that is particularly common in ancient Sumerian art is a mysterious bracelet that eerily resembles a modern wristwatch. Many scientists have interpreted this object as an ordinary bracelet, which has no special meaning. However, according to many enthusiasts, the mysterious "Anunnaki bracelet" had a much more serious significance than modern researchers are willing to admit.

anunnaki bracelets

In addition to the mysterious bags and watches, the images of the ancient Anunnaki can be seen, and other mysterious elements. In most of the carvings of the Anunnaki, we see the "god" holding something like a pine cone in his right hand. According to many researchers, this mysterious pine cone is very important.

According to researcher David Wilcock, this bump is not just a bump. But in fact, it symbolizes the pineal gland! The Anunnaki knew how to stimulate the pineal gland to reach its full potential. And use it to the fullest.

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