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1959-a disc-shaped UFO was discovered from a military aircraft

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1959-a disc-shaped UFO was discovered from a military aircraft

1959, September 26a disc-shaped UFO made of silver metal with notches from below was discovered from a military aircraft in the Sarybulak area (east of the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan). A military special group sent from Moscow by Il-14 aircraft (13 people, including from the air defense and from the General Staff) to the Aktyubinsk airfield was delivered by Mi-4 helicopter to the scene of the incident. A disk fragment was found that was severely damaged by the explosion and fire (initially the disk was about 12 meters in diameter, a fragment about 6 meters across with ragged edges, and its fragments were found). No BS bodies were found.

Mi-4 helicopter

Mi-4 helicopter 


The inside of the object is badly burned and charred. A noticeable radioactive background was detected at the site (20 REM, in some places – up to 30 REM). Among the wreckage of a UFO, the body of a dwarf biological creature with a height of about 80 cm was found, taken for autopsy to a biological research institute in Moscow (currently stored in an underground bunker-a special laboratory of the Institute of Biomedical Problems-IMBP). On the external suspension of the Mi-4 helicopter (transportation was carried out at night), the disk was taken to the site " 4A " of the landfill No. 8 of the GNIKI Air Force east of the station Vladimirovka, now Akhtubinsk, subordinate to v/h 15650, about 17-20 km northeast of Akhtubinsk.

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Geographically, it is part of the State Central Landfill No. 4 "Kapustin Yar". There the fragment was cut, small fragments and fragments were studied in different research institutes in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Leningrad, Kiev, and other cities (some of the fragments of the alloy were sold in 1972 to the Arabs in Syria and Egypt). The disk was cut by 5 people-alas, all of them were irradiated and died. At the site near Kapustin Yar's — Akhtubinsk in September 1960, the disk was personally examined by Khrushchev, Brezhnev, (general secretaries of the CPSU of the USSR), and other responsible persons. Another inspection was in 1971.

In January 1984 (under Andropov), a fragment of the disk was taken to the Moscow region (Protvino), to the site of the experimental base near the IFE (Institute of High Energy Physics), where it is still stored in one of two hangars.

A number of cases of UFO sightings in Kazakhstan and Central Asia are reliably known, including the incident from 17.08.1960 and from the materials of the Patriarch of Russian Ufology, F. Y. Siegel.

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