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1948. Aliens in contact with Turkey

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1948. Aliens in contact with Turkey

Turkey, like any other country, also has its own cases of meeting with aliens and UFOs, one of which we will talk about today.

The ancestress of the Turks – an alien?

Both mythological and historical records indicate numerous contacts with mysterious beings, representatives of other planets.

The literal name of the Turkish ancestors is "GokTurks", which means "people of the sky". According to an ancient legend, the leader of the Turkish tribe was visited by a woman who descended from a star. The mysterious guest arrived in a glowing ball. Soon the mysterious lady became pregnant and gave birth to the leader of three sons. The boys were named Moon, Star, and Sun. Subsequently, the children of the earth man and the alien woman became the founders of the new Turkish generations. Mythical fiction or historical fact?

The inhabitants of Turkey carefully preserve and pass on from generation to generation the extraterrestrial version of their origin. The Turks are highly spiritual and open people, they fervently support the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life. In addition, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena are the most favorite topic of local journalists. As soon as flying objects appear over a city or small settlement, this news immediately hits the front pages of all daily newspapers.

Perhaps this love of the supernatural is really in the genes of the Turks.

Behçet Öcal: Meeting the Aliens

The hero of the story in question is not a historical or mythical character. He is from our time and lived a simple, normal life before meeting the aliens.

Name of the hero: Behçet Öcal, place of events: Nevsehir, Cappadocia, time of contact: from 1948 to 1990.

Behçet Öcal lived in a small village near Nevsehir in central Turkey. This area is widely known for its underground cities and multiple UFO sightingsBehçet is the most famous alien contactee in his country.

Then, back in 1948, Behçet was a fifteen-year-old boy, living with his family and helping to herd cattle. The boy did not have a chance to get an education, because his family was not rich, they lived simply and modestly. There was no cinema or radio in his village.

Behçet Öcal

On that very day, Behçet was tending a herd outside the village when he heard a strange sound coming from above. He looked up at the sky and saw a glowing ball. According to him, the ball shone brighter than the sun. The shepherd's heart began to pound violently, but there was no sense of fear. He was able to see that the object resembling a rocket was landing on the ground. The flying machine seemed to be made of metal, about 30 feet long.

A mysterious object has landed. 3 aliens came out of it: two men and a woman. According to Behçet's description, they were definitely humanoids. They had very large eyes. The men were bald, and the woman had long hair. All three are exactly the same height. Their clothes looked strange for a village boy. The aliens were clad in tight-fitting jumpsuits. Most of all, the boy's attention was drawn to an object that he described as a glowing pendant. An unusual object was on the neck of each alien and was connected to a belt on which there were various buttons.

3 aliens came out of it

Behçet panicked, until then he had not heard of the existence of spaceships and aliens. The boy thought that the strange people had come from Russia or the United States. Then the telepathic communication began. The aliens told him not to be afraid, that they wouldn't do any harm. After this message, the boy felt better, and he felt calm and peaceful. The visitors did not name their home planet, but said they came from "another world." One of the humanoids held out a hand to Behçet. His palm was deep and rounded. As soon as the shepherd touched his hand, he immediately fainted.

When the boy's family found him, he was still unconscious. He was taken to the hospital with a diagnosis of burn.

Behçet was a quiet and shy person, he did not tell anyone about what had happened until 1977. But all these years, he kept in touch with his extraterrestrial friends. He never saw them face to face again, but at night there was a kind of screen in front of him, through which communication took place.

When Behçet gave an interview in 1977, He said that with the help of aliens, he creates a "map of the universe". At first, scientists and the military became interested in his stories, but the contactee did not give any more information and soon they forgot about him.

Aliens in Turkey

Behçet Öcal did not want to become famous, did not try to sell this story, except for interviews in the 70s, he did not make any public statements. He continued to live in his remote village in central Turkey. Behcet shielded himself from the media. Could it be that he saw and knew more than he said? All its mysteries and mysteries will become part of the legends of the next generations.

the aliens scheme

Based on the article by FARAH YURDÖZÜ

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