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15-20 UFOs at the same time. The real proof

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15-20 UFOs at the same time. The real proof

This video was shot in the autumn of 2015 in central Russia. I observe a large number of strange objects in the sky. Their number is from 15 to 20 objects. They move with anticipation. Their number of UFOs is horrifying. These are not satellites, these are not planes. Guys - 2015 !!! Let's look at these objects after raising the brightness and contrast. Since 2015, the number of disasters began to increase rapidly. Who is it? Repair crews or supervisors?

UFO sightings Russia 2015

We also want to note that these are not constellations. The shooting began after it was noticed that the objects took turns moving and waiting for each other. It all looked as if a whole grouping was being formed for the transfer. 

UFO sightings Russia 2015

We also want to remind our readers that 2015 was not an easy year for various ufo events. So the appearance of such an extensive UFO flotilla only tells us that the aliens have been here for a long time, and no Elon Mask can cover it up.

UFO sightings Russia 2015

The shooting direction is the western part of the sky.

UFO sightings Russia 2015

 Let's try to enlarge the image and do a little spectral analysis.

UFO sightings Russia 2015

It is quite obvious that all objects have the same spectral pattern, which indicates to us that they are at the distance at which the same light source falls on them. In addition, taking into account the fact that they move from right to left, and in the image we see the red spectrum on the left side of the UFO, we can conclude that the main propulsion or energy-generating installation is located on the left side of these objects, and not in the middle, or it is a screen that reduces external factors of influence

You can watch the whole video below

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